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LiKe WhErE aM I?!?!?!?! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Feb 2005|08:30am]
This is Gabby updating for alex. I did your background but there is a catch!!! If I make the whole thing a collage then you would not be able to read the entries with it covering the whole page unless you went and posted a comment. So I hope you like and I am sick. KK IM me.
wish they were

... [09 Feb 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | backoff mother fucker ]

hi what are you all doing i am so board. i am like doing nothing... ...all i am doing is watching my super sweet 16 a d the persian girl is making me sick.. omg this weekenrd on saterday i am going to the mall to take pics cause i wone for most valley at my school so we are going SHOPPING yeayea ok so omg there is this girl i really like. her name is jessica bracamonte. ok shuuuuu do not tell anyone. kk ok so i am going to go and work ok doing nothing ohh yea gabby can you please do my LJ i will HEART you for ever...j/k...haha....lol... ok so if you wana you can call me on the cell the number is 818-723-0542.. ok byebye

wish they were

heyhey [06 Feb 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | why me why??? ]

omg my birthday is in like on day yea. i am so happy that me and gabby are not fighting now. so today i wen to sushi and than i saw the movie boogiman and it was like so scarry....:o also i am going to like be so sore cause i walked around magic mountin for like131421432 houres yestherday with jessica for her birthday. arfer we went to magic mountin we all went to farrels and all of us got the pig traufs.. i was like going to through up>>> haha... yea she got the coolest presents... she got a donney and boorka wath and she got the matching donney and boorka purse and she got a pink ipod and a HOTT pink phone for her room from the pottt barn lol. i got her a tower records girt card and an american eagle shirt and janet who looks like a little chipmunk got her th is victoria secret purse and her cousin who i think likes me cause she was like, totlay flirting with me got her a pac-sun gift card. and that is all i know aBOUT SO FAR. AND I AM AT MY GRANDMAS HOUSE AND SHE IS LIKE YELLING LIKE A SHAKA BRA YETTI ONG... i want to stick a sock in her mouth ... haha and sarah if you wana text message me tonight you can you know the number...ok so i am going to go to my myspace now it is surferdude666 also

wish they were

like umm NO [26 Jan 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | OMG..where am I??? ]

hi i just made my LJ so i am like happy i tyhink so umm i will write to maro in the morning and i want to say that my birthday is on the 7th of febuary so like yea ok i am going to go to sleep ok you can call me on my cell phone its 8187230542 ok lik eumm byebye

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